Go All In with this New ‘Justice League’ First Look (VIDEO)

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brian-mcgee - October 11, 2017


Are you sufficiently primed for Justice League to hit theaters in six weeks? Whether you answered yes or no, we've got a new video to get you at half mast. AT&T—of all companies—brings us this new video titled "All In" with some never before seen clips from the film intercut with concept art and the five lead actors talking about their characters.

It's your standard EPK type stuff, but I know that some DC fans can't get enough. I think we're all substantially more prepared for this film. We saw what bottom looked like last year for the DCEU, and even after their Wonder Woman rebound this summer, I think we're all going into this one with our eyes open. There can't be many people going into this flick thinking it will blow them away, but I'm willing to bet there's a whole lot that will have their fingers crossed all the way through chanting, "Don't suck" over and over again for 150 minutes.

I'm sure that like most DC movies, there will be a handful of decent set-pieces and some cool imagery, but overall it will leave you feeling hollow inside. That's pure speculation on my part. We'll all find out when Justice League opens on November 17.