Gisele Bundchen Sells Bras By Flashing Her Own Down in Brazil

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bill-swift - May 17, 2012

From Brazil whence come the hotties and back to Brazil the hotties shall return.

Gisele Bundchen returned to her homeland in Sudamericana for a bit of hullabaloo of the conquering heroine and to pimp the blessed shizz out of her new lingerie line, by serving as the own model for her silky wares, flashing her own sold silky boob-holders beneath her sheer top at a promotional event in Sao Paulo.

The world's number one (maybe two or three) most prominent W.A.G. and former Victoria's Secret model knows a thing or two about how to sell a bra, and yesterday in Brazil was no exception, as the paparazzi swarmed to snap photos of the sextastic supermodel doing what she does best -- looking supremely hot, smiling, and getting you to buy stuff. Sex still sells quite well it turns out. Enjoy