Gisele Bundchen Brings Long Legs and Fun Tops to ‘Innovator Awards’

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bill-swift - November 8, 2013

I'm not exactly sure who was being honored at the Innovator of the Years Awards last night in N.Y.C., but I'd sure like to see Gisele Bundchen get recognized for ogle-worthy wardrobe innovations. She didn't exactly invent the sexy showy dress, but last night, she sure helped perfect it, showing off ample amounts of sweet cleave and crazy hot MILFy legs.

Sure, you might point to other innovations in the fields of science or health or home theater systems that have much greater positive social impact on the world than mere exhibitionist gowns on wicked hot models. But I will be forced to remind you that pointing is not polite and Gisele's hotness can cure the common cold. Enjoy.