Girls Raunchy Gift Wrap: Boring On the Outside, Sexy As Hell On the Inside

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bill-swift - July 12, 2013

Don't judge a gift by its wrapper. Seriously. Because what might look plain and boring on the outside could very well be the best gift you'll ever receive in your entire life--if not the actual gift, but the wrapper instead. That'll only happen if the present was wrapped in Suck UK's Girls Raunchy Gift Wrap.

It's covered in boring blue stripes on the outside, but once you tear it open, it's va-va-voom all the way!

It's one whopper of a wrapper (which is kind of like a little gift in itself.) Hopefully, the gift inside is just as awesome as it is, or even more so.

Guys will love this. Girls, I'm not so sure.

Get It: $7

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