Girl Scout Cookie Cereal Is Coming This January

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michael-garcia - October 26, 2016

Look out type 2 diabetes, because General Mills and the Girl Scouts of America are teaming up to create a breakfast cereal with 0% nutritional value. When I was a kid there was Cookie Crisp, a cereal made of little chocolate chip cookies. There was also Lucky Charms with its weird marshmallows and sickeningly sweet Fruity Pebbles. But this takes it to another level. It is a breakfast cereal made up of retooled Girl Scout cookies.  We all love Girl Scout cookie time and it's the one time of year we don't mind our co-workers asking us to donate to their kid's crap. The Samoas are my favorite so I am in luck because one of the flavors of the new cereal, Carmel Crunch, is based on the Samoas. The other flavor unsurprisingly are the perennial favorite Thin Mints. I don't see a lot of parents buying this for their kids but a lot of stoned college kids will be eating this at 3am.

I just wish the Girl Scouts sold cookies all year round. But then, I guess, it wouldn't be special when they are available. I horde those things like a cookie dragon, savoring each cookie until they are gone for another year. At least we'll have this cereal for a limited time. 

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