Girl Gets Discount For Nice Butt. Sexist? Yes…Towards Men

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bill-swift - August 24, 2012

Discount for best butt? That's what one girl received when she purchased a veggie bowl, fried pickles, and a drink at a Texas burger joint called the Twisted Root Burger Co. Let's ignore for a second that this is one of those girls that gets a salad at a burger place. The cashier took a shine to the young lady's backside and decided to give her a small discount. The girl was flattered and put it up on Reddit. Some would say that this is sexist. I agree. It is sexist...towards men.

Look, I don't have a nice butt. I'm overweight and, as shapely man rumps go, my butt is nothing to look at. Furthermore, if this restaurant's cashiers are all heterosexual men, I wouldn't even be in the running for the discount. Therefore, the discount is only available to women. That's discrimination, friends. And even if a woman or a gay man were working the register I don't appreciate having my butt scrutinized. The definition of a nice butt is subjective. Who are you to pass judgement on my butt? I am not a piece of meat. Keep your discount Twisted Root, I'll go to Five Guys.

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