Gird Your Loins, Fishboy, There’s Already Talk of an ‘Aquaman’ Sequel

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brian-mcgee - December 7, 2018

James Wan's Aquaman doesn't hit theaters here in North America until two weeks from today, but apparently advance word of mouth, ticket pre-sales, and foreign box office tracking has been so strong that the studio has—covertly—already greenlit a sequel. It's no big surprise in this day and age when studios will greenlight a sequel to a film that hasn't been released yet, but DC's track record with doing this in the past has almost always led to disaster.

We thought they had turned a corner when they waited until July's SDCC to announce a sequel to Wonder Woman, a full seven weeks after the film had been released in theaters. They were hedging their bets and not announcing films that didn't have writers or directors attached. Anyone remember the time they announced a Cyborg movie? No one would have gone to see that.

Aquaman will probably do well over the long, slow winter break between Christmas and New Year's, and will ultimately merit a sequel, but DC knows better than anyone about putting the cart before the horse. I'm glad they've got a lot of faith in James Wan's film, I just think they might want to wait to see the reaction of the general public before unleashing another one of these things on us.

Aquaman swims into theaters two weeks from today, on December 21.