Ginger Snap! Redheaded Celeb Hotties To Kindle Your Yuletide Logs This Christmas

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bill-swift - December 26, 2012

What better way to celebrate the scarlet colorings of this holiday season than by a review of some of our favorite ginger hotties that routinely grace the pages of our humble virtual abode.

While we adore all beautiful women, you know well our special fondness for the fireplugs that ignite certain special feelings in our fun zone. Amazingly sextastic redheaded celeb hotties such as Emma Stone, and Karen Gillan, and Christina Hendricks, and our secret ginger lust crush, Renee Olstead. All part of our happiest spot on the color wheel of goodness.

Take a look at ten of our favorites and see if your red-topped darling made the list. Enjoy.