Gina Gershon and Iman Killing it in Black at Metropolitan Opera

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Mitch Jablonski - September 25, 2019

It's been a while since I've seen both Gina Gershon and Iman, but you'll be happy to know that both of them are looking gorgeous and absolutely killing it at the Metropolitan Opera in NYC this week. Both beauties decided to rock elegant black dresses and they both wear them so well it looks like they were born in the garment. I realize that would require some Incredible Hulk-esque clothing to accomplish, but I suppose it's possible.

Okay, look, I get that they weren't born in these dresses, but I'm trying to use a rhetorical flourish here and we can all admit that I've failed conclusively to do so. I'm just absolutely stunned by Gina Gershon and Iman at the Met that it's making me lose my faculties and forget all about proper rules of grammatical structure.

Jill Hennessy was also in attendance, showing some tasteful mom cleavage, but Gina Gershon and Iman definitely stole the show. It's nigh impossible to make opera exciting, but if there's a chance I could rub elbows with Gina Gershon and Iman, I might suck it up and go watch the fat lady sing. That's when the show is over typically, correct?

Photos courtesy of Mega Agency