Gigi Hadid’s New Cleavage Model Shots Are Sexy As Ever

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aldo-vallon - December 4, 2018

If Gigi was trying to prove she is as attractive as Michelle Pfeiffer, then mission accomplished. In Scarface Michelle was wearing plunging necklines with no bra in nearly every scene. I have no criticisms in regards to Michelle’s face, the thing is damn near perfect, but her boobs leave a little bit to be wanting. And that is why I am happy to see Gigi picking up the torch.

Gigi seems to have just a bit more going on up top than Michelle did, and that little bit of mass makes a hell of a difference. Rather than being a loosey goosey top, the fabric gets pulled taut by the filling, making for a much more pleasing sight.

I do not know who made Gigi Hadid feel so self-conscious that she had to prove to everyone that she was no second fiddle to Michelle, but I thank them for their mind games. Now my advent calendar of cleavage is off to a hell of a good start. I gave up the calendars with sweets years ago because they lost their appeal, and I replaced them with more women. I hope they are one sweet I never lose a taste for.



Photo Credit: Instagram