Gigi Hadid Super Hot Swimsuit For Tommy Hilfiger

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michael-garcia - July 29, 2016

Delightfully hot Gigi Hadid modeled a super revealing swimsuit for Tommy Hilfiger. Gigi's famous ta-tas were busting out of her swimsuit top like the Kool-Aid man through a birthday party's walls. The cleav was kicking through the open panel in the front of the swimsuit and there was also plenty of sideboob action to be had. Then there is how great her booty looks. It is breathtaking. Someone should take a cast of that and put it in a museum. I would pay big money to see that. I think her sister Bella is super hot too, but I think Gigi is where it's at. She makes me want to sing, but I won't because no one wants that. 

Some people are fundamentally opposed to swimsuits over bikinis. And while a bikini is a wonderful thing, a sexy revealing swimsuit can be just as sexy. This is just my opinion. 


Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews