Gigi Hadid Sheer Nude Dress Hides Little in the Big Apple

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bill-swift - May 10, 2016

The battle of Hadid sisters for public attention by way of form fitting and see-through designer outfits in public continues with Gigi Hadid making a classic play for headlight attention in a very sheer, very nude colored dress that showed off pretty much whatever she was wearing beneath by way of undies. Not to mention a clearly excited pair of sweet blinkers that were stoked to be walking the streets of Manhattan amid so much photo attention.

Gigi and her sister Bella have been revelations on the visual wonderment landscape since turning eighteen and essentially leaving the nest for the wide world of celebrity model and selling the sextastic. It's been a boon for our leering peepers honed in on tall curvy model hotness. There's no doubt these girls have more to show than most skinny models and there's no doubt they are committed to showing it. What a beautiful wonderful thing. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Splash News