Gigi Hadid Sextastic for Reebok

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brian-mcgee - August 24, 2017

Reebok may not be the biggest name in athletic footwear, but they know a thing or two about putting together a sexy ad campaign, the kind that makes me wanna buy their product. What's their secret? Oh, just a little thing called putting Gigi Hadid in some skimpy clothing that shows just enough skin to still qualify as wholesome.

The slogan for this campaign is "Rise Beyond" and it's sure to cause plenty of "rising" thanks to Gigi. I dare say that men everywhere will be rising to the occasion, if you catch my drift. These pics sure do get a rise out of me, if you know what I'm saying. Wink wink, nudge nudge, say n'more, say n'more.

I think other companies should follow Reebok's lead and start using Gigi Hadid as the face of their campaign. I don't need new shoes at the moment, but I know that I want whatever it is that Reebok is selling. If other companies catch on to this brilliant marketing ploy, Gigi could sell everything from yoga mats to cheeseburgers. I may not need it all, but Gigi's enough to make me think I do. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Reebok