Gigi Hadid See Through For Fendi

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michael-garcia - September 23, 2016

Sexy Gigi Hadid wore a see-through dress on the catwalk and no bra underneath. The trend nowadays tends to be toward sheer clothing. Call it the Kim Kardashian effect, if you will. All the hotties want to wear clothing that you can see through. Add to that the fact that so few of them wear bras and you've got a recipe for something awesome. Gigi has a righteous pair of ta-tas, in my opinion even better than her sister Bella's rack. You can see the whole shebang in this dress, nips and all. I'm not that into fashion myself but I do enjoy it when I can see a hottie's nipples. It's like a special treat that makes life worth living. Gigi is one of my favorite professional hot people. I think she's simply gorgeous. I'd like to date her but I'm afraid that I don't make enough money/lack a yacht.

But in the meantime we have these pics to enjoy looking at her and her jubblies. I don't care as long as I can see her luscious knockers.  


Photo Credit: Fendi Fashion Show Video

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