Gigi Hadid Pops In Pink On The Today Show

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earl-jonas - November 13, 2017


Supermodeling sensation Gigi Hadid showed up to The Today Show as a perfectly pink princess wrapped in sexy lacy goodness. One might say that by pairing Barbie pink lipstick with this Barbie pink outfit Hadid has managed to make herself look like a deranged oversized star of Toddlers & Tiaras, but that person would be wrong, and definitely unaware of the nuances of fashion. Bold decisions must be made to stand out from the crowd, and Gigi and her sister Bella make one bold decision after the other with their weird clothes. But something tells me you don't come to Egotastic for hot fashion tips - even though I am wearing a shirt that I bought at a little fashion haus known as the Krogers check out line - and are instead interested in seeing Hadid's perky nurpies perfectly accentuated by her ugly pink top. Oh, she Hadid that. 


Photo Credit: Backgrid USA