Gigi Hadid Plunging Hotness For Paris Fashion Shows

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michael-garcia - October 3, 2016

Super hottie Gigi Hadid was spotted in a plunging neckline dress during some fashion shows in Paris. One thing you can always depend on Gigi to do is bring her cleavage A-game. Even, I think, more than her sister Bella who is not shy about showing her chesticles as well. Gigi's dress was cut down to her stomach and she was, of course, not wearing a bra. That allows us an unencumbered view of her jugs valley. Gigi's ta-tas are a truly beautiful thing. People say that Gigi and her sister are overexposed, but honestly how can you get tired of looking at those ivory knockers? I know I'm not and I practically look at them every day. What I'm saying is that I'm not the type of guy who gets sick of too much of a good thing. I'm greedy like that.

I really need to start going to these fashion shows. These hotties bring out there skimpiest gear for those things. After all, knockers are the best accessory. 


Photo Credit: Splash

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