Gigi Hadid Might Be The Sexiest Thing On Two Legs

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aldo-vallon - November 19, 2017

 How attractive is Gigi Hadid? Well, it looks like someone draped a canvas tarp over her body and she still manages to look sexy. I do not understand why they wasted the money on canvas since a burlap bag would have created the same end product. 

I am trying to think about what she could be dressed in that would result in something I would not be willing to bone and I am coming up blank. If this woman's naked body was covered in bees I would smear honey over my own body and take my chances. I was not planning on living forever anyway.

If I saw this woman wearing a Katy Perry t-shirt I would download her entire collection and actually listen to it just in the off chance that I could somehow impress her with my fandom knowledge. I do not know why I think that would work, so far I have had no luck with my extensive knowledge of Taylor Swift, but one never knows. I do not have that framed poster of One Direction in my apartment because I am a fan, it is for the ladies. 

Photo Credit: Splash News

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