Gigi Hadid Is Your New Sextastic Face of Guess!

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bill-swift - January 7, 2015

Gigi Hadidis the new face or body or perhaps both for Guess, which I think still does jeans and other stuff for the ladies and perhaps some men in foreign discos. My knowledge of the retail merchandising landscape begins and ends with the discount off-season rack at Target. It's the last stop for clothing before being donated to the homeless, which makes me feel somewhat bittersweet about paying eight bucks for a shirt. But I digress. Gigi Hadid, she's the hot daughter to a hot model and she's making her own way in the fine and academically challenging world of photo modeling and she showed off a few preview pics from her upcoming Guess campaign launch.

As far as previews go, I'd call this a winner. I certainly feel like buying some new threads. Or paying to have Gigi take more of hers off, if that's even possible in these photos. Oh, the joys of new models making it big. I feel like they're all my fake nieces. I'm so proud. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Guess/Instagram