Gigi Hadid Hottie in Space for Harpers

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bill-swift - May 17, 2017

Who knows why people feel compelled to craft grand production schemes as an excuse to photograph sextastic young lady models for their magazines. It's a combination of guilt, too many people with art degrees from college, and a sensibility of largely other women that a hint of abstract expression makes prurient photography rise to the level of sophistication. The gentleman ogler well understands the need for those less fortunate in their leering ways to develop a pretense for staring.

As for us, we tune visually into Gigi Hadid to see the hot sister model showing off her stellar female form, as in this interstellar interpretation in Harper's Bazaar. Is Gigi a real life astronaut in form fitting decked out gowns? Only if the astronautical sciences have advanced greatly without anybody knowing. All I can think about is being locked in a capsule with this alluring model for a three year mission to Mars. What's she going to say? She's seeing somebody else? Oh, no, many future Martian babies will be made I assure you. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Harper's Bazaar