Gigi Hadid Hottie Explosion for Guess 2015

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bill-swift - January 9, 2015

We saw the preview, now unveil the fineries. Gigi Hadid, the new face and body of Guess who I guess sells all kinds of clothes. I really only set foot in women's retail establishments after hours when mall security believes everybody else has gone home. Somebody has to make sure the changing room cameras are working properly. Oh, how I'd love to have bird's eye view of Gigi Hadid wardrobe changes for her Guess shoot. She really is quite the looker. That model thing going on. I suspect between her lineage and her own raw sextastic talents, she's going to go quite far in this super important industry.

Being named the face of something seems like a lot of pressure. I suppose far less pressure when you have a hot face and a ridiculously fine body to go with. I was once named the face of ball shed duty in grade school. I really bruised quite a bit. I bet nobody throws their balls in Gigi's face, not without permission and a wry smile. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Guess