Gigi Hadid Commando Cleavage in Revealing White Dress

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bill-swift - September 29, 2017

Have we been covering the hotness of Gigi Hadid almost daily of late? What can I say? Go where the pointy thing points. That's my motto. And Gigi Hadid is earning many many pointers of late.

The celebrity model with the killer body was stealing every flash and snap out in a revealing white dress and no sign of any undergarments upstairs to obstruct a peek at her stellar funbags. They used to call this daring. I call it standard wardrobe when I become king and Lord Ruler of these lands. At least for the ladies I deem to be in my circle of happiness. Gigi's most definitely in the circle. She's very much turning it oblong.

Gigi Hadid may prefer quiet nights in according to articles I force myself to read in women's magazines. But when she steps out to show off and be seen, she does it better than most. Braless isn't simply a fashion choice, it's a way of life. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Backgrid