Gigi Hadid Bra Top Peeks

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michael-garcia - August 4, 2016

One half of the sultry Hadid sisters, Gigi Hadid, did a sexy bra top pictorial for your viewing pleasure. While I think Bella is gorgeous, I'm all about Gigi. Possibly it has to do with those plump mounds of girl flesh she's sporting under that bra top. They are just right, not too big and not too small. You don't want to deal with ta-tas that are too big and they give you carpal tunnel when you try and handle them but you don't want a member of the IBTC either. Gigi's fall perfectly in the middle of the funbag spectrum. Her jubblies are the mathematical mean against which all teetons are measured. We also get a peek at her taut bare mid-riff. That thing is super tight. She must do an effton of crunches every day to keep so toned. 

Well, Gigi, I want you to know that it is appreciated. Keep up the good work and one day you will be celebrated in the pantheon of the hottest hotties of all time. 


Photo Credit: Penshoppe