Giant Butt Crosses Country

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bill-swift - July 4, 2015

You know when you drive around cross country with a giant butt in the back of a flatbed truck? No? Then you must be a normal person and not comedian Kurt Braunohler. He decided to build a 14-feet tall, 15-feet long, 8-feet wide butt that weighs 1600 lbs to promote his new comedy central show. I guess commercials and ads are too last century. The butt also has a tattoo that says "butt" on it. Meta, y'all.

When asked why he is doing this Braunohler said, that if he can inject a little "absurdity into stranger's lives to make this bleak world a little bit brighter." That's all well and good but I think it's probably a road hazard. People are going to flip out when they see a giant butt riding down the highway. 

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