Get Over Your ‘Breaking Bad’ Sorrows With a ‘Walking Dead’ Ad (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - October 1, 2013

After last night's final episode of Breaking Bad, you're probably feeling a little depressed. The sense of loss is similar to when a close friend passes away, or when football season ends. While I can't say for certain you'll ever completely heal, I can say that this ad for season four of The Walking Dead will certainly help with the healing process.

In the ad, we see Rick and the others have been joined by multiple new characters, including a few from the mini Wire reunion that showed up toward the end of last season. But despite the fact that the Governor was defeated and the group is in control of the prison, things are looking grim. Large numbers of walkers are threatening to topple the prison fences, and that's not good. But if nothing else, Carol's transformation into a badass is still coming along nicely.

Will season four of The Walking Dead completely make up for the loss of Breaking Bad? Not in my opinion. But people will be violently murdered and eaten, and that counts for something.

The Walking Dead returns in a few short weeks.