German Model Toni Garrn Shows Off Her Effortless Beauty

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aldo-vallon - June 7, 2018

I wouldn’t trade places with Toni Garrn for all of the garlic bread in France, and that is not just because it would require me losing my favorite set of genitals.

At only 25 years old Toni has modeled for all of the great fashion designers, acted in an original Lifetime movie (the most prestigious of all cable channels), and dated Leonardo DiCaprio (the most prestigious of all man faces). All of these successes can only mean one thing: She has peaked. There is no way that Toni is going to be able to keep up a win streak like this for much longer. Pretty soon she is going to have her best days behind her and she will be forced to find something else to do with her many talents.

I on the other hand have not modeled for a single fashion designer (let alone a great one), I have never acted in a movie (not even a porn), I have never dated the female equivalent of Leonardo DiCaprio (or the male equivalent). This can mean only one thing: My best days are sure to be in front of me. So look out, Toni, because I am coming to take your place.


Photo Credit: Backgrid USA