Gerard Butler’s New Girlfriend Bikinis In Malibu

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bill-swift - September 27, 2014

Gerard Butler's mysterious new girlfriend rocked a tiny black bikini while hanging out with him in Malibu. No one seems to know who this girl is, hence why we can only refer to her as Gerard Butler's girlfriend. King Leonidas has been seen around town canoodling with her, so I guess marching his little Spartan up her Thermopylae. Yes, I paid attention in ancient World history. What I do know for sure is that she's got a pretty awesome body. Her booty in particular is nice and shapely. I do so love a woman with a nice tight but round booty. She's fairly thin but not scary LA model thin where you can see all of her bones like a street dog in one of those depressing Sarah McLaughlin commercials.

Whoever this mystery woman is I am hoping we get to see more of her in a bikini. Lucky for us they live in LA where you can pretty much wander around in a bikini year round.