Gerald Henderson Goes Up and Over Dwight Howard

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michael-garcia - December 20, 2012

Charlotte Bobcat Gerald Henderson showed everyone what pure vertical looks like in a narrow loss to the Los Angeles Lakers and sparked a little debate over whether or not what he did was actually a dunk. In the fourth quarter, Henderson catches a pass in the key and goes straight up in the air with Dwight Howard giving him a little shove to the stomach.

The shove didn't matter, Henderson just keeps rising, and he throws it down. Because of Howard's arm, Henderson can't get quite to the rim, but he's so far above it, he's still able to score with some power and draw the foul. The dunk purists would argue that since Henderson never actually touches the rim, it's not a dunk. I disagree. I think it's absolutely a dunk and almost more impressive because of how high he got in the air. And when you bring opposing players to their feet, like whoever that is on the Lakers bench that jumped up, you're doing it right.

The Lakers ended up winning by one, after leading by ten in the first half, and then falling behind by 18 in the third quarter.

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