Georgina Howard Shows Off In Sheer Thongtastic Lingerie

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bill-swift - February 16, 2016

Talk about your fun time thong time high end peekaboos, Britty hottie undergarments and knickers and all around smoking hot bodied model Georgina Howard knows how to show off the backside tingle inducer in thongs like nobody's business. Except it is our business, to bring to you so that you may feel the same all over smile I did whilst ogling upon Georgina's sumptuously fine female form.

Agent Provocateur specializes in making a woman feel like a woman and making a man feel weak in the knees leering a woman feeling like a woman in her silky little nothings. Georgina's body in particular seems quite suited to thongs and sheer tops and bras and other goodies you get to see in the flesh if you're a good boy. Or a naughty boy. Or just one very lucky bastard. This is the dream. Georgina in her lingerie is the prize my alarm keeps waking me up before I get to claim. Even my REM sleep is unfair to me. Ah, Georgina, you could make a man do so many spectacularly stupid things. I'd love to try some out. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Agent Provocateur