Genetically-Engineered Mutant Mosquitoes: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

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bill-swift - July 18, 2012

Dengue Fever is apparently all the rage down in the Florida Keys right now. The virus rampaging like herpes through a college dorm at the moment, being by mosquitoes that have taken up home in the southern Florida islands. So what's science's answer to battle this problem? Mutants.

Taking a page from the Tyrell Corporation in Blade RunnerWebProNews, that last bastion of objective breaking news, reports that  a U.K. company plans to swarm the area with new species of mosquito that was created in a lab and genetically modified with an abnormally short life-span (though it has yet to be said whether or not these replicants will be able to pass the Voight-Kampff test). The hope is they'll cross breed with the indigenous strain terrorizing the Florida keys and within a few generations create a majority population that don't live long enough to spread Dengue Fever.

Scientist need to take a good, hard look at movies like The Fly, The Fly 2, Jurassic Park, Splice, Rob Schneider's The Animal, Island of Dr. Moreau, Island of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.Gene splicing and hybridization have never once gone right. It never leads to benefits for mankind, it leads to getting bitten in half by a dinosaur in some South American shithole while you're trying to take a crap.

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