Geek Week: Boob-arama, Mocking OAPs and Other Gaming Insanity

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chris-littlechild - August 1, 2012

Today's bodacious Geek Week bounty deftly incorporates all of life's finest notions: Boobage, wanton geekery and gleeful piss-takery of pensioners. (Merely supply your own beer, and we're looking down upon Cloud Nine with disdain. Perhaps taking a lofty, splattering dump on it. This is that awesome.) Quite the befuddling dichotomy, but as you'll see from the gallery, the combination is a wonder to behold. For the delectation of your tenderly-undulating vision glands, you can experience:

-Further evidence of the inexplicable-yet-arousing trend for sans-clothing women concealing their lady parts ‘neath gaming paraphernalia

-The incontinence-inspiring terror of N64 Kid, still exploiting the fact that being a massive irritating dick yields tenuous, durable internet ‘fame' (Incidentally, your local physician can prescribe a remedial ointment should your massive dick be irritating. We know your pain, it's a rash of some nature that's been affecting those of us with humongous Tyrannosaurus-testicle endowments)

- "A fishtank, Jim, but sure-as-shit not as we know them."

Plus more must-see madness.
Nintendo Sixty Fooooooooooooooooooour!