Gears of War Judgment Gives Up the Guts of the Game and Campaign Mode (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - January 23, 2013

The "annoying announcer guy" voice has made a lot of otherwise decent TV and video content totally unwatchable because he causes so much internal conflict. As humans, we need sound to help make sense of what we're looking at, so we crave explanation as we're consuming. On the other hand, a voice that sounds like it's trying too hard to be unique and engaging comes off as insincere and clownish. And so in digesting this Gears of War: Judgment feature (I believe Guts of the Game is the franchise name) about the campaign mode, just know that it's the annoying announcer guy, not you, that's making the whole thing difficult.

All that aside, Gears of War Judgment is going to sneak up on a lot of folks with its quality, it seems. The single player campaign merely has to live up to its predecessors and let the dynamic multiplayer enhancements lead the way for this one to be a success. Watch and you'll see.