Gary Oldman Is in Talks for ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’… For Realz, Yo

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bill-swift - February 7, 2014

Oh my God! I'm so excited. We have an actual confirmed piece of casting news to report about Star Wars: Episode VII, as opposed to another stupid, unsubstantiated rumor! Mind you, it's not an actual casting confirmation, because that would be too much to hope for. But we do have hard news about casting negotiations, which is more than we usually get. So let's pop the champagne and get to it!

Actor Gary Oldman (The Professional, The Dark Knight Trilogy) has confirmed (on video, no less) that he is in talks to appear in Episode VII. By "in talks," I mean he's gotten at least one phone call. Hey, it counts.

"They've called, yeah," Oldman said in an interview with Sky Movies. "I'm more cynical about it (casting) now, I believe it when I'm on the plane home. You know, the deal isn't done. But yeah, they've inquired."

There you have it. Gary Oldman got a phone call about Star Wars. It's not much, but at least it's more optimistic than another Zac Efron rumor. (Source)

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