Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: When Japanese Crazies Troll Xbox One Launch Parties Dressed as PS4s (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - November 23, 2013

What's the best way to celebrate the release of both next generation consoles? Is it simply by buying one/both and getting your game on, as nature intended? Hell no. Nuts to that.

Sometimes, you've got to be a man. You've got to step up, put some effort into it. You've got to... dress as a PlayStation 4 controller and bellow PS4! PS4! PS4! at a couple of PR dudes in Xbox-branded jackets, like the mad bastard you are.

This crucial life lesson is brought to us by Megwin TV, Youtube's premier source of Japanese comedy and/or insanity. This week, one of the group did indeed don his DualShock 4 costume and attempt to infiltrate a swanky soiree for Xbox One. We hardly need to tell you that it ended badly. After all, smart-casual is pretty damn vague as far as dress codes go, but it almost certainly doesn't allow for big ol' pieces of rival gaming paraphernalia.

via Kotaku.

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