Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: When Artiness and A*siness Collide

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chris-littlechild - June 1, 2013

As the weekend/beer ‘o' clock approaches, let's salute the end of another working week the only way we know how: with another cocktail of crazy (shaken, not stirred; we don't want to piss off any secret agents from Merry Old England that may be passing by).

In this installment, asses are thrust where asses don't belong, and artists bring pokémon into the real world in a bowel-looseningly disturbing fashion. If you want to see piss-takey hybrids of Grand Theft Auto and the Simpsons, dubbed 'Grand Theft Otto' (which you totally do), we've got a little of that too.

Gentlemen, set phasers to gallery perusal!

Kotaku brings us Chrom's assmat , Grand Theft Otto and the realistic pokémon.

You can also visit today's featured artists, DanLuVisiArt and RJ Palmer.