Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: Wayne Brady ‘In’ Grand Theft Auto and Weirdness With Wangs

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chris-littlechild - August 3, 2013

As we know, ‘jiggle physics' are an aspect of video games you just can't escape (unless, presumably, you stop playing Dead or Alive, with its notorious chesticles-wobbling-like-two-sacks-full-of-angry-wolverines style). Soon, there'll be nary a female in the virtual world who hasn't booked an emergency appointment with the Buxom-o-matic machine.

Furious feminists and other non-fans of vast, obscene anti-gravity boobitude remain all kinds of pissed about the whole situation. Before a mob encroaches on the offices of game developers worldwide to smash the windows and shit on the desks, though, a little equality is at hand. Or rather, in Mount Your Friends, big ol' terrifying jiggling dicks are at hand. In a charmingly twee, indie sandbox game you probably don't want to see.

Still, in the interests of crazy, here it is. Also above, Kim Jong-Un gets ‘sexy' in an entirely inexplicable gaming cameo, and Whose Line is it Anyway? busts out some Grand Theft Auto references.

Kotaku bring us Wayne Brady's antics, odd penises and the disturbing wonders of easter eggs.

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