Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: They’re Sexy Calendars, Jim, But Not As We Know Them

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bill-swift - September 7, 2013

The fairer, sexier sex are often all kinds of pissed about their representation in video games. Remember the furor that Dragon's Crown's bra-busting sorceress evoked? Or the fanservice-y jiggling of the Dead of Alive girls, which somebody somewhere spits furious bile, blood and spittle about on a daily basis?

Fortunately, the Whacked Out Week is here to address this issue the only way we know how: with a heaping helping of piss-takery. You may have thought that erotic calendars were only found in burly mechanics' garages, and always depicted Sweden's national Bikini Bobsled team, but you were wrong. Wronger than the wrongest wrong you've ever been in your life. Take a look at the calendar in the gallery, if you dare.

Elsewhere this week, Super Time Force brings us a giant gun-toting turd that can administer exploding farts. There's also an unholy collaboration between Gears of War and Hello Kitty.

Kotaku brought us nerdy eroticism with game developers, Super Time Force's turd soldier and the wacky effeminate cosplay of PAX Prime.

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