Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: ‘The Evil Within’ Only Needs a Watermelon and a Bag of Potato Chips to Scare the Hell Out of Us (VIDEO)

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chris-littlechild - September 13, 2014

You've got to wonder at the badassery of movie/video game sound dudes. The key elements of Jurassic Park's iconic T. Rex roar, for instance, were a baby elephant and a Jack Russell (see Vulture's report on weird ass dino-movie sound trivia). We're dealing with the kind of guys and gals who look at this 15 foot toothy death-beast and think, yep, this huge effer needs more Jack Russell.

Essentially, that sound that shook the effing theatres back in 1993 (and again last year in spangly 3D) was made by Eddie from Frasier. Meanwhile, the raptors' barking sounds were made by tortoises having sex. Yep.

But hey. Don't go thinking that sound techs only spend their days watching tortoise porn and pissing off geese, like the mad, mad bastards they are. Because they also like getting snacktastic with potato chips and watching their asses grow. For, y'know, work.

Here's 'Delicious Evil,' a bizarre clip from the making of The Evil Within. Sound designer Masahiro Izumi is tasked with creating the sound effects of the haunted chewing on your damn face, and he does it in style.

Via PlayStation Blog.