Gaming’s Whacked-Out Week: Sex-tacular Celebrities Mario-fied, While Dead or Alive is Committed to its Bra-Busting Sensibilities

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chris-littlechild - August 25, 2012

Another titillating week for the gaming spectrum, with a vast inundation of bosomy benevolence for us to savor. Team Ninja proffer a gratifying missive for those affronted by the inexorably jiggly jubblies of the Dead or Alive ladies (to wit: a middle finger is propelled upwards at great velocity before their killjoy faces. Developer Yosuke Hayashi even fabricated a captivating I don't give a shit dance for the occasion. Except he didn't), while a selection of famous femmes fatales are metamorphosed into Mario. As such, the gallery above is indubitably the most bizarre sight you'll subject your visual circuits to today, and entreats your perusal!

Elsewhere in the above amalgamation, a supposed seer strives to elucidate Halo 4‘s un-ascertainted plot, using only the soundtrack. Take a look at his amusing-yet-erroneous conclusions.

Kotaku brings us Halo 4 plot predictions and the Dead or Alive jubbly-jiggling interview.

While IGN presents the crop of mustachioed hotties.