Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: PlayStation 4 is Introduced to the World by… Ice-T!? (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - November 16, 2013

For the less observant among us, it's (US) PS4 Day! Next-gen triangle, circle, 'ecks' and square buttons are being rabidly pummeled across the country as we speak. If you're still undecided about purchasing the spangly new console, it can only --ONLY-- be because you haven't seen this little slice of insanity yet.

As we all know damn well, when you have a new games system to showcase there's only one man to call: Ice-T. This great bastard both raps and acts (rather craptastically), so he could surely turn his gargantuan talents to any field he wishes. Y'know, like the badass Renaissance man he apparently is. Earlier this week, he did just that for The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Here we see a show-closing demonstration from PlayStation bigwig Richard Marks. It's another look at PS4‘s in-built PlayRoom app, which uses all manner of virtual sorcery to bring a crew of midget-ass robots to life in our living rooms. It's all rather impressive, but the main draw of this clip is Ice-T kicking said 'bots in the face, sucking ass at PS4-Pong and trying to wangle a free console. But why? He has 99 problems, but being unable to pay for a PS4 ain't one. He's probably good for it.