Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: Nekkidness, Turtle Abuse and the Kanye West Video Game

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chris-littlechild - June 8, 2013

As we know, nothing says ‘incoming weekend frivolity' like a little unexpected full-frontal. So when Volition's mockery-tastic Saint's Row IV trailer brings us several counts of public indecency and a righteous dick-punching in the space of two minutes, we're all kinds of on board.

Also this week, a cosplaying turtle is transformed -against the poor little bastard's will, presumably- into one of the most iconic villains ever to grace our telly-boxes. We've also exhumed the answer to that age-old question: Just what does Kanye West do all day, when he isn't making half-assed music or impregnating Kardashians?

He stars in RPGs which see him fighting off angry 2Pac clones, that's what. It's quite a sight, as those of you brave enough to peruse the gallery will see.

Kotaku brings us full frontal trailers and the Kanye West RPG.

For more of Jennifer Olivarez's artistry, take a look here.

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