Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: Nekkid Naughtiness, April Fools and Smurfs

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chris-littlechild - April 6, 2013

Once again, that sounds like a great debauched weekend plan to us (there's always a Smurf involved somewhere). Well, it's a little befuddling that it simply being April 1 gives us license to be massive assholes for much of a day; we could probably disregard that one. Even so, without it you've still got that first part, which is certainly a welcome way to spend an overcast morning.

So, what oddities will the Whacked Out Week bring us this time? The curious case of the couple that seem to be re-enacting the events of Temple Run on a Chinese highway without their goddamn clothes on, that's what. If that's not demented/oddly arousing enough -which it indubitably is- you can also see the wonderment of the video game which lets us play as... a door.

Visit the gallery above, and gorge yourself at the trough of crazy.

Kotaku brings us running with sex dolls and Dishonored's door comedy.

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