Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: Modder Returns ‘Resident Evil’ to its Craptastic, Jill Sandwich Origins

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chris-littlechild - January 31, 2015

Last week, the umpteenth Resident Evil re-release hit consoles and PC. It's a spangly new HD-ified edition of the legendary GameCube remake, and yet another slice of Capcom's cash cowing.

But it's also another slice of Resident Evil, and that's hard to resist. Almost twenty years later, the 1996 classic has an iron, nostalgic grip on the ‘nads of gamers everywhere. Tank-tastic controls, Jill sandwiches, masters of unlocking... this is the stuff that childhood memories are made from.

Now, the first thing the original changed (the original remake, that is, not the original original, try to keep up) was the ball-achingly bad voice acting. It was terrible, after all, and is the source of much of the game's camp b-movie value. But for one man, that shit is worth saving.

This week, Kotaku brought us Resident Evil modder ‘Bunny,' and his project to splice the old voice acting onto REmake's cutscenes. The results are beautifully nostalgic, completely hilarious and horrific in all the wrong ways. The scene after the jump ("It's not just a poisonous snake... it's aMONSTER!") is particularly priceless.

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