Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: Mike Tyson Gets His Ass Whupped By Mike Tyson in ‘Punch Out!!’ (VIDEO)

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chris-littlechild - November 1, 2014

There is (almost) nothing that Mike Tyson can't do. Quite apart from being undisputed heavyweight champion of the world back in the day, there's also that ear-bitin' party trick of his. And, y'know, everything else. I hear he's a killer accordion player. I just wish that he'd remember to ask people before having sex with them.

But nobody's perfect. Some things are beyond even his hugantic, ginornmic talents. Video games, for instance.

Last year, we were treated to the spectacle of Iron Mike sucking every concievable kind of ass at Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!. He eventually succeeded in cheesing his way past Glass Joe, the half-assed joke opponent you encounter first, and was far too damn proud of himself for it.

There he was, displaying all the gaming skills of the average grandma. So how in holy hell would he deal with the game's toughest opponent and ‘final boss,' Tyson himself? This week, Jimmy Fallon answered that one when he coerced Mike into playing again. It... wasn't the most heroic display.

Via Kotaku.

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