Gaming’s Whacked-Out Week: Inadvertently Porntacular Christmas Gifts and Tim Burton’s Evil Pokémon

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chris-littlechild - December 29, 2012

Some of your holiday gift-givery may have included gaming paraphernalia of some manner. Did you think, though, to meticulously check any console you may have bought for numerous pictures of tits, with tits on, and many, many tits? We rather think you didn't. This is an actual problem, it transpires, with used consoles. Take a look at the sad plight of one prepubescent Christmas gamer above.

What else did we uncover while perusing the Barrel of Crazy this week? One enterprising artist is endeavoring to recreate each of the pokémon as ghastly abominations from Satan's ballsack. The resultant images are scroteflesh-crawlingly disconcerting, as their Tim Burton-inspired origins would suggest. Are you man enough for the ghastly wonderment in the gallery?

We also raise a merry middle finger at last Friday's apocalypse that didn't punch us all in the genitals with an Xbox 360 masturbation confession or two. Yes indeed.

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More of Hatboy's disturbing poké-art can be found here.