Gaming’s Whacked-Out Week: ‘Hands On’ With Boobs, Cleavage Cakes and Teleporting Sci-Fi Basketball

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chris-littlechild - August 18, 2012

This week's nutso news has ingested another pleasingly liberal quantity of smut. An encore appearance from the marvelously-monikered ‘Huge Boob producer' and his titillating and tit-tastic series Senran Kagura is a centerpiece here; erotic ice cream (digest that notion at your leisure. With your pants off, presumably) is quite the befuddling eye-feast. Courtesy of our charitable chums in Japan, apparently the Land of the Rising Wang, you can consume actual lady-chest facsimiles, fashioned from frozen dairy products. Huzzah!

If that's an insufficient contribution to the five-a-day portions of bosomy gaming lunacy that nutritionists are exhorting us to thrust throatwards, hit the gallery for more in this vein. Further perusal will yield such wonderment as the Dead or Alive team's grope-amundo endeavors to secure those boob physics. ("May I fondle your chest? It's forvideo game science.") Plus, as we say, teleporting sci-fi basketball. That one is bereft of nipples, alas, but it's worthy of you eyeball-attention nonetheless.

Hit Kotaku for more of Team Ninja's boob talk and Gasketball.

demonstrates the questionable ice cream.