Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: E3 Ogling, Creeptacular Super Mario Animal Skull Art and the Pikachu of Nightmares

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chris-littlechild - June 22, 2013

On occasional moments of weakness, we've been known to indulge ourselves by admiring the fine female form. These occasions aren't all that occasional, if we're honest. It's more of a ‘My name is Egotastic!and I'm a norkaholic' sort of deal.

The mad bastards at this year's E3, though, brought shame to gentleman oglers everywhere with their amorous antics, as you'll see in the gallery. Elsewhere in this installment of the Whacked Out Week, Pikachu morphs into the most horrifying spawn of Satan since Baby Kardashian, while the dead skulls of ACTUAL DEAD THINGS are the basis for adorably macabre Super Mario art. Take a look.

Kotaku bring us the Internet's scariest Pikachus and The Creepy Side of E3.

You can see more of Tobias Wüstefeld's magically macabre work right here.

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