Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: Conan O’Brien Builds a Billion-Dollar ‘Minecraft’ Strip Club (VIDEO)

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chris-littlechild - September 20, 2014

2.5 billion dollars, gentlemen. Holy man-plums.

It'd take the whole Kardashian tribe a good... seven minutes to burn through a sum like that. Five, if Kanye's in town helicopter shopping. He needs something spacious to take his dickish ego the size of Albuquerque for a ride, after all. He's good for it, too, those shitty man-scarves he used to sell cost a fortune.

Anywho, yes. This week, Microsoft bought Mojang (creators of the all-conquering Minecraft) for that very amount. Even for Bill's Boys, that's not just pocket change. But what does this mean for gamers?

Well, you could ask businessweek. We're sure they'll give you some tech-tastic prattle on the subject, with phrases like ‘stock faltering' and ‘burgeoning portfolios' in. But who the hell wants that kind of BS on a Friday morning? Nobody, that's who. Instead, here's Conan O'Brien getting his piss-takery on, as only Conan can.

After all, if your answer to the question what would you do with 2.5 billion dollars isn't 'build a strip club,' it's the wrong answer.

Conan sure does love his strip club-based gaming humor.

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