Gaming’s Whacked-Out Week: Bodacious Bikinis, Uber-Violence and… Squirrel Pinball?

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bill-swift - January 19, 2013

The madness melange continues! This week, the much-lambasted ‘curse of violent video games' is exhumed again. It's a dead horse beloved of elderly newspaper reporters, who wouldn't recognize a video game if it bit them on the foreskin. Should the perpetrator of the ghastly crime du jour have even the vaguest link to Call of Duty-playing or suchlike, a media shitstorm is unleashed. In the gallery, see how research used ACTUAL SCIENCE to peruse this phenomenon... by asking participants to dispense imaginary hot sauce for somebody that doesn't exist. Yes indeed.

Meanwhile, the highlight of this installment: the Collector's Edition game that offered such wonderment as a statue depicting a headless, limbless, blood-bleeding torso. A grotesquely gory set of boobs to display on your desk with unwarranted pride and/or revulsion, essentially.

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