Gaming’s Whacked-Out Week: Behold The Man Who Would Not Ogle, Then Shoot Elephants in Their Blood-Bleeding Faces

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chris-littlechild - September 1, 2012

A headline of that caliber is surely sufficient to galvanize rabid gallery perusal; this is indubitably the most nonsensical news week gaming has yet proffered for our delectation.

In this installment, you can heed the sagacious business counsel of one Youtuber: microwaving a games console can yield dividends when one attempts to sell the resultant ravaged plastic-death for a handsome profit. ("I'll concede,you can't even switch the bastard on, and it now resembles Arnold Shwarzenegger's face after the T-1000 pummelled him with a pole for five solid minutes at the end of Terminator 2; or the shit of an unidentified extraterrestrial species with digestive difficulties, but you can have it for a mere...several thousand dollars.")

Elsewhere in the gallery, booth babes thrust their copious ‘mams in a gamer's unheeding face in a fruitless endeavor to arrest his attention from some befuddling Asian arcade game or other; and the most morally-dubious shooter ever seen by mere mortal vision glands surfaces. Why are we pointing a shotgun at a lion's asshole? Why indeed.

Watch the anti-ogling dude

courtesy of Kotaku.

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