Gaming’s Whacked-Out Week: An Attempted Japanese Boob Ban Won’t Stop the Ogle

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bill-swift - January 12, 2013

You'd probably venture that, if those renegade leering gentlemen from The Land of the Rising Wang are offended, that's sure to be some nasty shit right there. These guys, as we know, festoon their streets with panty-dispensing vending machines, while the very term hentai evokes an array of unwholesome mental images (if not outright terror-piss all over your kitchen linoleum).

When they aren't drawing lurid images depicting alien tentacles being inserted into bodily orifices they really shouldn't be entering, they are censoring one of 2012‘s greatest games. One, further, which didn't particularly warrant a righteous smiting to the nutsack from the Decency Hammer. To ascertain which, and to behold why Grand Theft Mario Kart is the most wondrous thing ever to not really exist, get to gallery perusal.

Kotaku bring us the Far Cry 3 censoring shenanigans and the assorted googly-eyed oddities.

You can behold more of Amirul Hafiz's artworkery at DeviantArt.